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Holy Bible College – Online Bible College

Holy Bible College offers online distance learning eCourses for individuals who need flexibility to study God’s word. If you desire to minister with total confidence, our spirit-filled professors will challenge you to become better equipped for the work of the ministry. We strongly believe that educating students in Biblical Theology and exposing them to the demonstration of the Spirit is key to an explosive career in ministry!

Our digital technology not only works anytime and anywhere, but the test scores are instant! No more waiting for the mailman or an email to get your results. With our state of the art digital technology the student gets the test results instantly and receives a certificate of completion every time an eCourse is completed.

With our state of the art digital technology, all of the lectures, notes, exams and everything you need are at the tip of your finger anytime, anywhere. We offer accelerated online undergraduate, graduate and seminary degree programs at one of the lowest costs in the nation.  Students can reach their career goals even when juggling other life commitments. If studying at your own pace is the key that unlocks a successful biblical education, then HBC can help you achieve your educational goals, so get started today!

Turn your smart device into a classroom from anywhere in the world.

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The Student Module is our current library.

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Students are encouraged to live a balanced Christian lifestyle filled by the Holy Spirit and live a personal life of holiness while focusing on academic and evangelistic outreach.

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