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The Holy Bible College’s Certificate Program is essential for current leaders, leaders in training, and any students of the Word considering full-time ministry. A certification in your field of choice shows that you are knowledgeable, having the educational qualifications necessary for anyone playing a leadership role in ministry. Whether you are a deacon, elder, evangelist, associate pastor or worship leader the certificate program is for you. 

Included in the Certificate Program are e-Courses like Leadership & Pastoral Training I, II, Evangelism & Missions I, II, Chaplain Ministry I, II and Home School Christian School Teacherwhich are designed to teach and develop students as they discover their value in ministry and take ownership of their faith. These 12 available programs include leadership development and biblical discovery courses ranging from basic beginner level to advanced. Set your own pace as these programs enhance your understanding and equip you to lead others. Each program is uniquely designed to build your faith and your confidence to deliver what God has placed in your heart.

After successful completion of the course of study, a certificate will be issued to the student. Graduates from Holy Bible College have the option to continue their studies to complete an Associate or Bachelor Degree. If you need help registering for your online e-Courses, please watch the video below entitled “How to register for your online e-Courses.”

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Certificate Programs

Basic Programs

1. Biblical Studies Certificate

3. Leadership Training Certificate

5. Chaplin Ministry Certificate

7. Pastoral Training Certificate

9. Evangelism & Missions Certificate

11. Home School Teacher Certificate


Advanced Programs

2. Biblical Studies II Certificate

4. Leadership Training II Certificate

6. Chaplin Ministry II Certificate

8. Pastoral Training II Certificate

10. Evangelism & Missions II Certificate

12. Christian School Teacher Certificate

e-Course Description

  • Biblical Studies Certificate

(Small group facilitators, men and women’s leaders, and teachers in the ministry will add exceptional value to their roles with this in-depth, comprehensive biblical studies course)

  • Leadership Training Certificate

(Organizers, support staff, deacons, and pastors alike will gain the education and personal development that is critical to those in all kinds of leadership positions)

  • Chaplin Ministry Certificate

(Ministers seeking to access the prisons and jails with the much-needed Word of God can gain certification through this program that aims to bring church to the forgotten)

  • Pastoral Training Certificate

(Lead pastors and pastoral staff will gain experience and insight through this course content that covers weddings, baptisms, funerals and the many functions of a pastor)

  • Evangelism & Missions Certificate

(Missionaries and homeland evangelists are sure to grow in their understanding of the gospel and technique in delivering it. Learn practical and effective ways to carry out the great commission at home and over seas)

  • Home School Teacher Certificate

(Those raising up God-fearing children play an invaluable role in the ministry. This course fuses together childhood education and children’s’ ministry in the home-school setting)




Graduates of both non-degree and degree programs are invited to attend the Holy Bible College graduation ceremony hosted annually at our location in Miami, Fl. Churches are welcome to host graduation ceremonies for HBC graduates at their local churches. Holy Bible College does not ordain students but it gives them the tools and education to prepare students for ordination in the local churches where they are serving.

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How to register for your online e-Courses.