To qualify for admission to Holy Bible College’s Masters Program, an applicant must agree with the Statement of Faith and ACI’s Accreditation Statement. Prospective students must also have obtained a Bachelor Degree. Students wishing to transfer credits from another college will need to submit their transcripts to determine whether or not their credits will transfer to Holy Bible College. All Holy Bible College’s Masters programs require a total of 36 credit hours, a Thesis for graduation and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

Masters of Biblical Studies

The Associate of Biblical Studies degree integrates biblical learning with practical training designed to not only educate students but to equip them with a broad biblical understanding and practical experience. The course content of this undergraduate program is presented in a specific format aimed to develop successful students and prepare them for advanced biblical learning.


Masters of Pastoral Studies

The Pastoral Studies degree trains up faith leaders to operate in ministerial positions with a keen focus on counseling and oversight. Ministry leaders will benefit from this course’s crisis and sensitivity trainings, which all leaders operating in pastoral capacities must undergo. Understanding the various functions of the church and faith-based community organizations is critical to the overseer. Graduates of this program will be well prepared to take on challenging career opportunities in church leadership, Christian counseling and Christian education.



Masters of Christian Counseling

The Associate in Christian Counseling is the beginning of the journey for those seeking in occupation as a licensed mental health counselor from a biblical worldview. Students pursuing a career in Christian counseling will be prepared to offer counsel, wisdom, and solution-oriented biblical inspiration within different specializations such as addiction, eating disorders, marriage and many others. The Christian focus in counseling allows students to share their faith and guide others their own personal life transformations.

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